Internet of Things Day 2017 Special Offer!


For this year's IoT Day on 9 April, we have a special offer for Internet of Things and Machine Learning enthusiasts in our community. Use the discount code IOTDAY to save 20% on all tickets for the Machine Intelligence Summit and Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Amsterdam.

How close are artificial intelligence systems to human-level intelligence? Recent advances in machine intelligence such as IoT, machine and deep learning make AI ever more commonplace in our daily lives, often in previously unimaginable ways.

The fourth RE•WORK Machine Intelligence Summit, taking place on 28-29 June 2017 in Amsterdam, will explore how recent technological breakthroughs are impacting healthcare, retail, space exploration and more. Alongside, at the Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit, industry experts, leading academics and innovative startups will discuss the future of transportation.

Confirmed speakers and presentations across both tracks include:

• Damian Borth, Director of Deep Learning Competence Center at DFKI will explore the Latent Visual Space Between Adjectives with Generative Adversarial Networks

• Neal Lathia, Senior Data Scientist at Skyscanner will delve into Recommender Systems for the Travel Industry to show how localised and personalised recommendation affects user engagement.

• Roland Vollgraf, Research Lead at Zalando Research will introduce Fashion DNA - a Structural Feature Mapping of Fashion Articles based on Deep Neural Networks.

• Javier Alonso-Mora, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology will explain how High-Capacity Ride-Sharing and Planning will affect Intelligent Autonomous Transportation Systems

• Mathias Bürki, PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich will discuss Smart Valet Parking and Visual Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Driving

Join fellow industry leaders, academics and startups for two days filled with presentations, panel and roundtable discussions. Visit the event websites for the Machine Intelligence Summit and the Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit for more information and to register your ticket. 

The offer starts on Sunday 9 April and will run through until the end of Sunday 16 April. Simply enter the discount code IOTDAY at the checkout.

Do you have an interesting topic for discussion, or know of someone who does? Let us know and suggest a speaker here.

The discount also applies to the the Machine Intelligence Summit and Machine Intelligence in Healthcare Summit in Hong Kong on 09-10 of November.

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