Last chance to join AI pioneers at the Deep Learning Summit, Montreal


This time next week will see RE•WORK bringing the increasingly popular Deep Learning Summit to Canada for the first time. The 'Silicon Valley of AI' will welcome global thought leaders such as Hugo Larochelle and Jasper Snoek from Google Brain, Alex Acero from Apple, Eric Humphrey, Research Scientist at Spotify, Raquel Urtasun, Head of Uber ATG, and Joelle Pineau, Associate Professor at McGill University amongst many other experts who you can view here.

Also making an exclusive appearance at the event are the 'godfathers of AI', Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio and Geoffrey Hinton who will each be presenting their latest research and advancements, as well as participating in a panel discussion together. 

This event is incredibly popular and with only 50 tickets remaining this is your last chance to register to guarantee your place at the summit

As well hearing presentations there will be workshops, group discussions and roundtables as well as networking over breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch and evening drinks, as well as the opportunity to attend the Women in Machine Intelligence Dinner which is open to both attendees and guests who aren't attending the two day summit (both men and women!). The dinner, sponsored by Maluuba, will feature keynote presentations from influential women from Facebook and Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms over a three course meal and wine. 

Here are some of the experts we've previously heard from:
  • "Mobile changed our world in less than 10 years - in the next 10 we'll skip to a world where AI is first." 
    Yariv Adan, Google Assistant

  • "Machine learning will define the interfaces of the future" 
    Adi Chhabra, Vodafone

  • "AI is changing everything around us and impacting every field. It's unavoidable." 
    Jonas Loof, NVIDIA 

  • "Representations for Deep Learning need millions and millions of frames to learn. Something there can be optimized - so that's what we aim to do." 
    Marta Garnelo, DeepMind
What our attendees say:
  • “Well organised, very diverse topics, speakers know exactly what they're doing."
    Ricardo Rius, Universidad Iberoamericana

  • "Brilliant! Loads of great speakers! The balance between technical and applications is perfect."  

    Janet Bastiman, Storystream

  • "The last talk on speech to video and video speech in DL was so good it was crazy!" 
    Michael Akintunde, Imperial College

  • "I've been to many conferences but here I enjoy the mix of technology and the soft side of application i.e. Ethic, emotional intelligence and the business aspects." 
    Krishna Dubba, Nokia

To join global experts at the event in Montreal next week, October 10 & 11, register now.

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