The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: Share Your Views

We're working on an infographic and article for the Huffington Post about the trends and limitations of autonomous vehicles, and we'd love for our readers to be involved!

Our aim is to gather different perspectives and knowledge to create an informative report on the factors that could hinder progress in the field, a timeline for adoption of autonomous vehicles, and the companies expected to dominate the industry.

Share your insights by filling out the survey here and a community of researchers, executives, investors and startups in giving an opinion on the future of autonomous vehicles and their impact on the transport industry.

Information used from this survey is 100% anonymous, and will be published by RE•WORK and TechEmergence.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit is just a few weeks away! Taking place alongside the Machine Intelligence Summit in San Francisco on 23-24 March, the summit will include presentations from Sam Kherat, Sr Manufacturing Automation Team Leader, Caterpillar; Gary Marcus Director, AI Labs at Uber; Luca Rigazio, Director of Engineering at Panasonic SV Lab; Modar Alaoui, CEO & Founder of Eyeris; and Pratik Brahma, Machine Learning R&D at Audi/VW. View more speakers and topics here.

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