RE.WORK Recommended Reads - 22 June 2015

By Sophie Curtis on June 22, 2015

The tech world is rapidly evolving and it’s hard to keep up! To help you get up to date we’ve rounded up the best tech and innovation articles from this past week that you should be reading.

The Struggle for Accurate Measurements on Your Wrist
"Building these products takes lots of time. Testing, simulations, modeling, prototyping, and problem-solving are all more extensive when you need to make sure the devices can stand up to the requirements of daily wear, such as frequent exposure to sweat and water. That’s a lot more than you’d normally expect from your electronics. But if companies clear these obstacles, being able to sense things like blood pressure and skin conductivity continuously can also open the door to quantifying stress and mood, since they will make it possible to collect data about your body in all kinds of situations." Read more on MIT Technology Review

Closing the Gap Between Gaming & the Automotive Industry
"By using virtual reality technology, they have developed a whole new way of engineering and designing, successfully using game and entertainment technology and integrating it with the engineering workflow. This means data can be handled and manipulated in a completely new way, and computer simulations allow engineers to visualize full-size 3D models of components, or even the entire vehicle, long before physical parts are available." Read more on the RE.WORK Blog

London Technology Week & the #Edtech15 Workshop 
Last week we held RE.WORK The Future of Education as part of London Technology Week! Education practitioners, technologists, innovators, startups and strategists came together to discuss, explore and collaborate to discover how advancing technology will impact education. Read the summary on Storify

Data Mining Reveals How Human Health Varies with City Size 
"In recent years, various researchers have begun to think of cities as “living” entities in which activity patterns change over regular 24-hour periods and which also vary dramatically depending on city size. That’s lead to a new science of city-related allometry—how various aspects of life vary with the size of the conurbation they take place in." Read more on MIT Technology Review

Squid-Inspired 'Skin' to Make Camouflage Materials Smart 
"A prototype artificial skin that can mimic one of nature’s masters of camouflage, the squid, has been created by a group of researchers from Bristol University, advancing smart materials." Read more on E&T Magazine

Robots to Build Canal Bridge Using 3D Printing
"The plan involves robotic arm printers ‘walking’ across the canal as it slides along the bridge’s edges, essentially printing its own support structure out of thin air as it moves along. Specially-designed robotic arms heat the metal to a searing 1,500 degrees celsius to painstakingly weld the structure drop-by-drop, using a computer programme to plot the sophisticated design." Read more on The Guardian

Why Machine Vision's The Next Big Thing For Brands 
"The massive firehose of image data that’s constantly posted to Instagram has largely escaped the watchful eyes of marketers and other third parties ranging from intelligence agencies to media organizations to sports teams. However, new advances in machine learning and image recognition are changing that." Read more on Fast Company

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