Deep Learning at the Front Lines of Healthcare

Today’s healthcare system was not built for a seamless integration of rapidly emerging technologies, such as machine learning innovations. Health data is largely inaccessible and not standardized, making it challenging to work with in machine learning systems. On top of this, deep learning techniques aren’t well suited for many healthcare problems due to the difficulty in interpreting their decisions. 

At the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco last month, Will Jack, CEO of Remedy Health, explored this facet of artificial intelligence with his presentation 'Bringing Deep Learning to the Front Lines of Healthcare'. Watch Will's presentation below to learn more about the difficulties of integration and deployment, and how interpretable models can better tackle tasks such as diagnosis, physician education and treatment planning.

View more video presentations and interviews on the RE•WORK video hub.

Join us at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, in London on 28 Feb - 1 March, to learn more about the impact of artificial intelligence in the health sector. Tickets are now limited, register your place here.

Confirmed speakers at the summit include Neil Lawrence, Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon, Professor at Uni of Sheffield; Ali Parsa, CEO of Babylon Health; Polina Mamoshina, Research Scientist at Insilico Medicine; Oladimeji Farri, Senior Research Scientist at Philips Research, Anastasia Georgievskaya, Research Scientist at Beauty.AI, and more.

See the full events list here for summits and dinners focused on AI, Deep Learning and Machine Intelligence taking place in San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Boston, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Montreal!

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Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit London

28 February 2017, London

The Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit will explore recent breakthroughs in technical advancements and healthcare applications, from algorithms that learn to recognise complex patterns within rich medical data, to analysing real world evidence for personalised medicine, to discovering the sequence specificities of DNA- binding proteins and how it can aid genome diagnostics.

Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit San Francisco

23 March 2017, San Francisco

The Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit brings together leading industry players, exciting new startups and breakthrough technological research to create safer, smarter and more efficient transport. The event will showcase the next generation of connected vehicles, powered by the internet of things, artificial intelligence, connected devices, sensors, virtual assistants, wearables and predictive intelligence.

Machine Intelligence Summit San Francisco

23 March 2017, San Francisco

The Machine Intelligence Summit: where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data in the real world. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, natural language processing and computer vision. Explore how AI will impact transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.


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