Maarten Versteegh

Personalized Assistance at is the largest travel e-commerce website in the world. Having access to the data about millions of users every day allows to build advanced machine learning models and test them with A/B testing in thousands of experiments that run in parallel. These models predict user's needs and website's content is adjusted to provide only the most relevant information. Moreover, we use ai to build a chat bot for a messaging assistant that predicts user needs and reply to free text message. In this presentation we will discuss challenges of building that kind of models.

Maarten works at on the AI powering the Booking Assistant, a customer facing chatbot that helps guests with their post-booking requests. Before joining, Maarten worked in industry and academia. In the past, he has worked on machine learning models of cognition, with a focus on the acquisition of speech and language. His professional interests include machine learning, human-computer interaction and conversational interfaces.

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