Ajay Chander

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Design and AI for Mental Health

Sam feels anxious because he does not feel secure in his romantic relationship. Annie feels like she cannot cope with the loss of her job. Experiences of unresolved mental pain are far too numerous in the modern world. We are particularly adept at distracting ourselves from mental pain. The current systems for supporting us through such challenges are either absent or inadequate for careseekers, caregivers, and their larger communities. This needs to change. This talk will leave you with an expanded sense of your abilities to co-create powerful new systems for offering mental health care. It will describe a process by which you can build a sense for Design, for AI, and for Solutions for Good Mental Health. The first of those will help you frame your mental health provisioning scenario accurately, so that the needs and the abilities of various parts of the careseeking and caregiving ecosystem are clear. The second will help you recognize where AI can be usefully deployed to augment your mental healthcare system, and will give you guidance for selecting appropriate AIs. Finally, you will learn some modern (digital) design templates that enable distributed participation from everyone in the ecosystem, and will see how they can be used to engineer effective cognitive states and mindsets for change.

Ajay Chander is an inventor and an educator who leads R&D teams in imagining and building new human-centric technologies and products. His work includes inventing and deploying new techniques and systems in the fields of Transparent AI, digital healthcare and wellness, AI Life Assistants, software security, and computational behavior design. Dr. Chander is the Vice President of Research at Fujitsu's R&D center in Silicon Valley.

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