Rafał Jasiński

How Cloud and ML Ops Enable to Detect Frauds Better

Where there are transactions, there is the potential for fraudulent behavior – and in the digital landscape, it can be all too easy for software weaknesses to be exploited. Recent technological advances have made possible effective fraud detection methods that can prevent that from happening! To make the most of them, you need to use that technology the right way.

Key Takeaways: • How Cloud and AI can help you detect fraud • What the benefits of a custom fraud detection solution are • How you can develop a fraud detection solution in just few weeks

Rafał Jasiński is a Senior Business Analyst and Service Owner of PGS Software’s Data Services. In his 10 years of IT industry experience, he has worked on diverse projects involving manufacturing, telecommunications and healthcare with a focus on maximizing value through AI and Machine Learning solutions. A proponent of Digital Twin technology and Agile working methodologies, he sees the solution of modern business challenges in empowerment through technology. My main driver in life is curiosity. I strive to acquire new knowledge, gain new experience and learn new skills. IT is a field where I have plenty of opportunities to do just that, learn. I always encourage people around me to do the same, explore new ideas, have courage to try it in the real-world situations. The worst thing that can happen is they will learn something.

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