David Lucas

How to Create Better Retail Experiences with ML

Retailers have a huge opportunity to turn prospects into repeat buyers and deepen existing connections based on the recent massive surge in e-commerce. Join this lively chat to see how leveraging the power of AI and ML can help retail brands predict the moments that matter most while providing powerful experiences their customers will rave about.

Dave Lucas has over 15 years of experience in building programs for data, analytics, and machine learning. He focuses on ensuring that data creates actual end value for humans, a challenge he refers to as “the last mile.” In 2019, Dave joined Tealium as Sr. Director of Product, where he creates innovative products related to AI/ML, Business Intelligence, and data storage.  Prior to Tealium, Dave was Head of Data for Fracture and managed multi-billion-dollar process improvements at large enterprises.  He is a licensed Six Sigma Black Belt with graduate degrees in Business Administration and IT.

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