Simona Gandrabur

Conversational AI in Finance: Personalized Customer Engagement at Scale

From Chatbots, Contact Centers and Speech & Text analytics to Financial Advice, Conversational AI plays a center piece in banks’ strategies to for providing personalized services, product and advice to their customers at scale and to improve internal efficiencies. In this presentation I will describe a series of applications of Conversational AI in banking, the rewards, challenges, and some solutions to overcome them.

Key Takeaways:

*Demand for Conversational AI is boosted by the exploding need for virtual client engagement solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic

*Conversational AI applications range from chatbots and contact centers to improve quality of service without a cost explosion, to financial advice applications

*Success and adoption depend on business buy-in, on frictionless customer experience, omnichannel end to end integration, and agile continuous improvement

Simona Gandrabur has been working in the general field of AI for close to 20 years, most notably in areas related to processing of human languages – such as automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding, machine translation and conversational AI. Her experience ranges from many years in research, in the development of intelligent assistant applications, to defining strategy of AI-based offers. After 10 years at Nuance Communications she joined the National Bank of Canada in 2018 as AI & Data Business Strategy Lead.

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