Albert Lai

Boosting Human Intelligence for the Coming Age with AIxBCIs

Computers and AI are growing exponentially in intelligence and it’s only a matter of time before they surpass us. If we want to play a part in the future, we have to merge with AI to superpower our intelligence. With brain-computer interfaces, we will be able to transfer information and knowledge between computers and the Internet and our brains! However, a huge problem faced by non-invasive BCIs is the presence of noise and artifacts, which hinders their accuracy and makes them unsuitable for real-world applications. In his talk, Albert will talk about the implementation of deep learning, along with current artifact removal technologies, to denoise EEG brainwaves to ensure humans have a part to play in the future.

Albert Lai is a 16-year-old artificial intelligence and deep learning developer. Highly interested in math and programming, he’s combined his skillset towards machine learning, most notably towards computer vision and natural language processing with Pytorch, including classification and text generation models. He’s currently working on a project to denoise EEG brainwaves with deep learning for epilepsy diagnosis with BCIs. He’s working with leading professors and researchers in the field to implement his solution. He enjoys running, building robots, and competitive programming in his spare time.

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