Fangde Liu

Cooperative AI for Critical Application

Deep Learning or AI excel at prediction accuracy, but hard to interprete, which becomes a key barrier for many impactful critical applications, such like surgery and finance. Dr Fangde Liu from DSI will talk about their research and idea to make the machine learning system interpretative, controllable, data efficient to train and with fault detection functionality. In his talk , he will talk about the Deep Poincare Map algorithm that combine the dynamic theory with deep learning to perform medical image analysis, and also the autonomous vigiliant management system for one line AI applications, the TensorDB framework.

Dr Fangde Liu, UK National Exceptional Talent, Senior Associate of Royal Society of Medicine, Member of British Machine Vision Society, is an expert in Data Science, Robotics and Surgery. At the Data Science Institute, he manages the engineering development of several big data healthcare projects of global impact. The Optimise-MS, an international joint effort for cloud based autonomous system for effectiveness, performance and post market pharmacovigilance, has ben deployed at about 20 leading clinical institutes across the UK, Belgium, Poland and Finland. As it becomes the technology foundation for neurology registry of several European nations, in the coming decade, it will deployed and monitor over $10 Billion neurology drugs usage yearly across 90 countries. His earlier works on real-time image guided surgery navigation system and robotic operating system on GPU are key technologies of several EU flagship surgical robot projects for endovasc ular surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopaedics, including the EDEN2020, the biggest ever surgical robot project funded in EU. His AI research focus on cooperative AI system aiming breaking down the barriers for critical applications. He focuses on the idea combining domain knowledge and deep learning to make AI system interpretable, controllable and data efficient, he also works on the vigilance management of AI for critical applications. Dr Liu is very experienced and has great insight applying technology in clinical medicine. He works closely with world top clinicians, industry partners and leading academics, such as Johnson&Johnson, Biogen, GE, Renishaw, St Mary Hospital, Mayo Clinic. As an official consultant of Imperial College, he has also provided consulting service on clinical applications of AI to technology giants such as IBM Watson, Huawei Research, NEC research, Samsung Electronics HNA group and AliCloud Europe.

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