Ivan Yamshchikov

Future of Music. Intro.

Essentially any technology is automating certain tasks that were considered solely human before. We are incredibly close to the moment when the very field of art is going to be redefined under new technological circumstances. In Mubert we advance this future with automatically generated music. Mubert creates unique audio-stream in the certain genre on the go. It is a new step in the evolution of music, a new project on the edge of mathematics, music, audio-engineering, audio-recording, data analytics and machine learning. This mix of arts and sciences can redefine music as we know it and bring the whole industry on a new level.

Dr. Ivan P. Yamshchikov. I am a Marie Curie Fellow and a researcher with a broad field of interests starting with financial models or liquidity and finishing with behavioral analytics. I have a PhD in Applied mathematics and 6+ years of experience as a Senior Analyst at Yandex (Russia). I also have a hobby: I write some indie music. When I came across mubert.com (an automated music generator) I enjoyed it a lot and decided to be an evangelist of the project.

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