Jeff Hardy

Our energy system is changing before our eyes to one that is low-carbon, secure and affordable. It is transforming, but what is it transforming to? How will the future energy system be configured? What business models could be operating? What will the consumer experience be like, and how will consumers be paying for energy? What are the regulatory and policy challenges? I'll be drawing on my experience at Ofgem, UK Energy Research Centre, IPCC and Grantham Institute to explore how the UK energy system could transform, with an emphasis on what happens if society is central to this.

Dr Jeff Hardy is a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College’s Grantham Institute and also Acting Head of Science for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Mitigation Working Group. His research focuses on society led low carbon transformations. He was previously Head of Sustainable Energy Futures at Ofgem, focusing on non-traditional business models, horizon scanning future energy systems, climate change adaptation and sustainable development. Previously has worked at the UK Energy Research Centre, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Green Chemistry Group at the University of York and in the research and development labs at Sellafield.

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