Fabio Mastroianni

Designing to Disappear

We are becoming more reliant on digital services than ever before, moving far beyond mobile as the real world and internet increasingly blur toward the digitisation of everything. And as technology gradually meets biology, we’re becoming connected way beyond mobile, computer, tablet and TV. This signals the emergence of a new trend: positioning digital services as living, evolving systems. Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Kinect, Google's Project Glass, and Nike’s Fuelband are early pace setters, propelling us forward into a world where digital will no longer be a thing we take out of our pocket, log into or enable. Our bodies, cars, rooms, and even cities are becoming ultra-connected and alive with technology - some of it visible, but much of it invisible.

This new paradigm requires a new language of interaction. Technology will need to be taught when to listen and when to be passive and how to interpret our gestures and actions based on the activity we’re currently engaged in. This presents an entirely new design challenge and requires designers to embrace voice technology, movements and gestures as the new interface, with the whole body becoming an input, rather than a mouse or our fingers. The creative use of this new language should be left to the users, but the new universal "alphabet" will need to be invented and popularised - an exciting prospect for any designer. In this talk, Fabio Mastroianni, Service Design Lead at Fjord, will outline the ways in which our current state of ultra-connectivity is supporting the development of a digital overlay throughout our lives and how designers will become the new linguists, helping to adapt service design in parallel with a fluid future of natural interfaces that go beyond click and touch. Drawing on real world examples and case studies of Fjord’s work, Fabio will outline the design challenges associated with translating the digital experience into a ‘future language’ users can understand and identify with.

Fabio Mastroianni is a Service Design Lead at Fjord Stockholm who has seen it all. From TV to tablets, mobile to online, outdoor to indoor, Fabio has re-defined the way businesses and user connect across a vast number of client sectors and systems, during his 15 years in user experience. Since the early 2000’s, Fabio has led a team of designers to redesign the online presence of one of the largest global retailers operating in over 40 markets. More recently, he led the design of the whole digital customer experience of a major European travel service across a full ecosystem of devices and touch-points. Fabio is currently partnering with clients in several sectors to help them moving forward into a device-agnostic future. His team has just completed a conceptual work on a cross-platform video-on-demand service for a global broadcaster.

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