Lukas Murmann

One Size does not fit all. Study Materials Tailored for your Course.

With MOOC platforms like Coursera or edx, students from all over the world have access to high-quality digital study materials. MOOCs are a great resource for broadening a student’s view, or for supporting professionals in their life-long learning process.

When preparing for university exams though, current e-learning offerings are of limited use. The topics covered are often too broad, covering content not included in the syllabus, or too narrow, covering only a part of what will be needed in the exam. Students have to fall back to studying from hand-written notes, or trough costly repetition courses.

qLearning offers digital study materials, tailored to specific courses at more than 60 European universities. In this talk, we will discuss the organizational and technical challenges involved in authoring and maintaining such a broad, distributed content base.

Lukas is Co-Founder and CTO at qLearning. With qLearning’s engineering team, he creates the qLearning apps for students, and qLearning’s web-based editing tools for content creators.

Lukas co-founded qLearning as an EE undergraduate in Munich. Before that, he had interned at BMW’s R&D department and a Japanese telecommunications company. In 2012, Lukas moved to London for a Master’s Program in Computer Science. With that in the bag, Lukas moved back to Germany. He is now located in Berlin and works at qLearning full-time.

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