Steve Ardire

Contextual AI for Digital Behavioral Health from SignalAction.AI

COVID-19 has filed the Mental Health Crisis especially for the world’s youth where depression rates tripled during the pandemic and where 1 in 4 people in the 18-24 age bracket have seriously considered committing suicide. Human behavior is messy, and most brain activity is nonconscious, so the best way to address is using multimodal analysis i.e., spoken language, emotional, facial, behavioral inputs with human-like understanding to reveal intent, nuanced perceptions, anxieties for more meaningful insights. If you detect fear and anxiety perhaps depression starts becoming manifest so would be incredibly helpful for therapists to have real-time access to session data that shows behavior and emotional states in granular detail to analyze the situation better.

Steve is the Co-Founder of SignalAction.AI Contextual AI for Digital Behavioral Health, an AI startup ‘force multiplier'  and Quintessential 'Merchant of Light'. He built his personal brand as AI startup ‘force multiplier' ( in which he advised 25 AI startups over the past 7 years ) shaping serendipity to connect and illuminate the dots that matter leveraging deep relationship capital with incisive business strategy to deliver the best results. 

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