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  • Data Scientist 7 Dec 2020

    London United Kingdom

    001 calendar 17 Nov 2020 Full time

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    This role requires a team member with strong quantitative modeling skills and the ability to apply statistical/machine learning methods to large amounts of customer and title level data. The candidate should have strong communication skills, be able to work closely with stakeholders and translate data-driven findings into actionable insights. The successful candidate will be a self-starter comfortable with ambiguity, with strong attention to detail and an ability to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. This person will also be proficient in communicating their recommendations directly to advertising and video leadership.

    This position will be part of the Prime Video Content Analytics team, which includes a diverse team of data scientists, analysts and economists who build statistical models using world-class data systems and partner directly with the business to implement the solutions. We use detailed customer behavioral data (e.g. streaming history) and detailed information about content (e.g. IMDb-sourced characteristics) to predict and understand what customers like to watch. As a Data Scientist at Amazon, you will have the opportunity to work on one of the world's largest consumer data sets and influence the long term evolution of our analytics capability.

    This is very much Day 1 for IMDb TV. You would be joining an entrepreneurial and pioneering team working to reinvent ad supported television.

    Basic Qualifications Bachelor's Degree Experience working as a Data Scientist Experience with data scripting languages (e.g. SQL, Python, R etc.) or statistical/mathematical software (e.g. R, SAS, or Matlab) Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics or a related field 5+ years of experience producing models and analytics for business applications Breadth of experience in standard machine-learning and statistical modeling tools and techniques (e.g. random forests, gradient-boosted regression, LASSO, logistic regression) Experience in programming in R, Python, Scala or similar languages and maintaining code repositories in git Experience with data visualization and presentation, turning complex analysis into insight Preferred Qualifications Excellent quantitative modeling, statistical analysis skills and problem-solving skills. Sophisticated user of statistical tools Experience collaborating with software development teams, data scientists, business intelligence or other technical roles Excellent communication including direct correspondence with senior leadership Demonstrable track record dealing well with ambiguity, prioritizing needs, and delivering results in an agile, dynamic environment Experience with AWS features (S3, Redshift, Sagemaker)

    Company - Amazon Digital UK Limited Job ID: A1342870

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  • Data Scientist 7 Dec 2020

    London England

    001 calendar 17 Nov 2020 Full time

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    Job Description

    Are your investigative skills worthy of CSI? Do your data visualisations make Tufte envious? Do you speak fluent SQL? Do you dream in code? If so, we want to hear from you — together, let’s make Visa a great place to work.

    We are seeking a passionate and ambitious Data Scientist to partner with Visa Consulting & Analytics and co-develop data-driven solutions to help Visa’s clients grow their businesses.

    What Is Expected Of You Be a strategic partner to Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) in the delivery of Data Science projects from ideation to client implementation Translate loosely defined problems into actionable recommendations, leading to value realisation Develop a deep understanding of Visa’s data assets and how they can be used to enhance client profitability across acquisition, usage and retention Identify trends in our client work to inform Visa’s data product development path Leading/managing various projects with clients across different sectors Being able to write proposals that aim to address client’s business problems Being able to design solutions that will impact the client’s decision making at the back of the insight provided Building a strong relationship with Visa Consulting & Analytics teams & Account Executives and representing Data Science as a source of data knowledge and excellence Qualifications Mid-level experience solving problems with real-world data Strong statistical knowledge and proven expertise in applying statistical solutions to business problems Understanding of the steps required in cleaning and transforming datasets Solid relational modelling (SQL) and programming skills (preferably in Python, R or Scala) Ability to communicate and engage with non-technical stakeholders Being able to scope/deliver and present insight that aims to deliver value to our clients and to Visa Additional Information Job Number: REF28930F

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  • Data Scientist, Operations 9 Dec 2020

    London United Kingdom

    001 calendar 17 Nov 2020 Full time

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    The data team's mission is to

    Enable Monzo to Make Better Decisions, Faster

    This mission encompasses three major areas of work: (1) product analytics, to help teams understand our customers and improve our app (2) domain analytics, to support teams who are working in specific banking disciplines (e.g., lending, operations, finance, and financial crime), and (3) machine learning, where we design and build a system that automate decisions across Monzo. While we take a flexible approach and frequently help each other across these areas, we each have one domain as our primary focus. We work in cross-functional squads, so every data scientist is a member of the central data team as well as fully embedded into an area such as operations or product squads.

    For this role, we are looking for a Data Scientist/Analyst who will focus on customer operations analytics. You'll be working at the intersection of the Data & Customer Operations teams.

    The Customer Operations team looks after the tasks within Monzo that scale with customers. They're a crucial link between Monzo and our customers. Customer Operations spans multiple product squads, a planning team, an incubator team and almost 1,000 passionate COps (that's what we call our agents). All of these teams work to make sure we can support Monzo's explosive growth through running a variety of optimization projects for Customer Operations.

    The role

    The Customer Operations team are solving some of the most exciting problems in Monzo. There are lots of unsolved, hard problems where data plays a key part but you will also need to think deeply about people, product and process when solving these problems.

    A few examples of questions and challenges:

    How do we balance (i) providing an amazing customer experience (ii) cultivating a positive and motivating culture for our customer support agents and (iii) being the most efficient and flexible operations team in the industry. How can we automate our processes in a way that will allow us to scale to 1 billion customers and thousands of COps? How can we measure and optimise a system that handles thousands of queries a week? What product improvements can we make? How can we understand if these are impactful? What are our customers contacting us about & when/how can we automate the answer to their question? (partnering with the machine learning and software engineering teams) How can we drive efficiency by 20% for our customer operations? What is the best way to measure efficiency? What sets the most effective COps (the lovely customer support people who chat to our customers) apart? What is a good customer experience? How can we measure this? How can we optimise for this?

    You will help us make data-driven decisions and shape the direction of this exciting and evolving part of the Monzo business. We're looking for someone who cares deeply about understanding our business and customers, who can communicate their findings clearly to business partners and can drive actions on top of insights.

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  • Deep Learning Engineer (Applied Research, Vision) 7 Dec 2020

    London (Remote) United Kingdom

    Full Time

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    If you're not familiar with V7, here's what we do:

    Most of the world's growth and sustainability depends on tasks involving visual understanding, from the detection of disease, to preserving natural habitats, to the manufacturing revolutions that pull communities out of poverty. V7's goal is to create a tool to solve any visual task, and put it in the hands of any business. We are a platform to develop customized AI combining automated image annotation, dataset management, and model training to create an almost magical end-to-end experience in bringing autonomous intelligence to life through learnable human actions.

    We are a venture-backed team of 8, harnessing and curating the ML-ops of some of the world's most ambitious tech companies and AI startups. We're competing with some of the best-funded labelling & ML-ops teams out there, and winning. What sets us apart is our team's obsession with pushing our product to where AI will be three years from today. That is where you come in.

    Deep learning engineers at V7 take the fruits of research and implement them in ways that are fast, elegantly executed, and delightful to use. You will be the advocate between the user's need and the progress of our internal research. The profile of a DL engineer is closer to that of a full-stack developer with deep learning experience, than a pure deep learning researcher role. We look for someone who can understand deep learning research papers and implement their work elegantly and at scale. We cannot emphasize this point enough - the idea candidate for this role is passionate about implementation and delivery of cutting-edge technology, and doing so with end-users in mind.

    Joining a small startup team, you will create a lasting impact on the company and have the opportunity to shape culture and products around your vision and personality. Your work will enable hundreds of AI teams to reshape human society in ways never seen before, some of which leverage V7 for:

    Fighting climate change by analyzing shorelines via satellites. Improving the welfare of farm animals by spotting ill cattle while they can still be treated. Using drones to scan the aftermath of hurricanes and spot areas locked-off from ground access. Understanding the severity of COVID-19 to predict the chance of ICU admission. Identifying the healthiest embryos in IVF to create new, healthy human lives. Teaching robots how to prepare a salad. We're based on PyTorch, our BE is in Elixir (erlang), and FE is Vue.js. We make GPU machines available both at our office or in the cloud. We are regular CVPR/NeurIPS/ECCV attendees and in normal times attend as a team. Our primary research interests are in:

    Object detection (small items, few-shot approaches) Instance & semantic segmentation (centroid approaches, high-fidelity semantic segmentation for labelling) Multi-task models (eg. Taskonomy and related papers) Auto-ML in vision. Ultra-large model backbones (eg. MOCO and related papers) In general terms, the buzzwords describing our DL work are: Active learning, continual learning, semi-supervised learning, and self supervision. If you are qualified for this role, you will have rolled your eyes a bit at this last sentence.

    Here are a few things your counterpart(s) worked on in the past 3 months:

    Auto-Anntoate: Automated image segmentation: An inference engine to run any model request in real-time across a library of computer vision models to Auto-complete images. Several implementations of instance-segmentation architectures like Mask-Rcnn, CenterMask, and object detection architectures like VoVnet. Configuration parameters to enable the training of models across various dataset sizes, image sizes, and relative annotation sizes and amounts. The development of deep image retrieval systems to automatically rank datasets by content-based parameters without the need of prior training.


    Experience in deep learning, from understanding the underlying math, to the ability to illustrate landmark papers within the vision domain (given enough prep time). A proven interest in computer science and strong portfolio of projects. Proficiency with PyTorch preferred. Evidence of individual contribution to challenging DL/ML projects. A curious, scientific mind. Fluent in English

    Perks & Benefits:

    Unlimited vacation, just tell us when you need time off. Paid tickets, accommodation, and travel to relevant conferences, nationally or internationally (NIPS, ICCV, CVPR, [...]) to expand your network & knowledge during normal times. Yearly 4-day company retreats in stunning locations (subject to safety) Central office in front of Victoria Station with standing desks & 4K monitors. Unlimited high-quality coffee, tea, snacks, and other comforts every day. Ability to work remotely. Stock options

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  • Principal Researcher in Environmental AI 6 Dec 2020

    Cambridge United Kingdom

    001 calendar 1 Apr 2021 Permanent

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    The British Antarctic Survey’s Artificial Intelligence Lab ( is looking to hire a Principal Researcher to lead research that applies data science and AI methods to environmental science. We are looking for a dynamic leader with a proven track record of securing external funding to significantly grow this research activity at the British Antarctic Survey. The post holder will work in collaboration with our partner organisations, including: The Alan Turing Institute; international research institutes; our University network; and our two Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in Earth Observation and AI for Environmental Risk. Candidates will be experts in data science and artificial intelligence, with leadership experience working in an interdisciplinary setting within the context of environmental science.

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  • Environmental AI Leader 6 Dec 2020

    Cambridge United Kingdom

    001 calendar 1 Feb 2021 Open-Ended Appointment, Full Time

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    British Antarctic Survey are looking for a Principal Researcher in Environmental Artificial Intelligence to support and help manage the BAS AI Lab, to win funding and sustain the growth of this emerging research area.

    What is the role about?

    The British Antarctic Survey’s Artificial Intelligence Lab ( is looking to hire a Principal Researcher to lead research that applies data science and AI methods to environmental science. We are looking for a dynamic leader with a proven track record of securing external funding to significantly grow this research activity at the British Antarctic Survey. The post holder will work in collaboration with our partner organisations, including: The Alan Turing Institute; international research institutes; our University network; and our two Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in Earth Observation and AI for Environmental Risk. Candidates will be experts in data science and artificial intelligence, with leadership experience working in an interdisciplinary setting within the context of environmental science.

    Who are we?

    British Antarctic Survey (BAS) delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that uses the Polar Regions to advance our understanding of Earth as a sustainable planet. Through its extensive logistic capability and know how BAS facilitates access for the British and international science community to the UK polar research operation. Numerous national and international collaborations, combined with an excellent infrastructure help sustain a world leading position for the UK in Antarctic affairs. British Antarctic Survey is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC is part of UK Research and Innovation

    We employ experts from many different professions to carry out our Science as well as to keep the lights on, feed the research and support teams and keep everyone safe! If you are looking for an opportunity to work with amazing people in amazing places then British Antarctic Survey could be for you. We aim to attract the best people for those jobs. Purpose

    Areas where AI research could be developed include:

    • Monitoring the Earth from satellite images • Monitoring the oceans and glacial systems • Modelling and prediction of extreme events • Environmental sensor networks • Digital Twinning for the natural environment • Impact of climate change on water security • Using AI methods and models to inform policy Qualification

    A PhD or equivalent experience in a relevant field Duties

    • To conduct outstanding, creative and innovative research in AI for environmental science, and to develop internationally-significant outcomes through high-impact publications.

    • To work collaboratively with key partners (e.g. from research councils, charities, industry and government departments) to develop new research ideas.

    • To obtain external funding to underpin and grow the research activity in this area at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

    • To take on line management responsibilities for staff, and supervise students

    • To disseminate research to both academic and non-academic audiences (including public engagement), and seek ways to develop societal impact.

    • To represent BAS to key stakeholders, such as funding agencies, and Government.

    • To play a role in advancing the BAS AI Lab

    • To contribute to the smooth-running of the organisation as and when required

    • Some teaching/training may be required as part of collaboration work

    Please quote reference: BAS 20/83 Closing date for receipt of application forms is: 6 December Interviews are scheduled to be held: January 2021

    Interviews will be a two-stage process, with candidates who pass the initial interview will be invited to give a presentation to BAS staff which will form the second part of the interview.

    BAS is an Equal Opportunity employer. As part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and promoting equality in careers in science, we hold an Athena SWAN Bronze Award and have an active Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme of activity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community. People from ethnic minorities and disabled people are currently under-represented and their applications are particularly welcome. We operate a guaranteed interview scheme for disabled candidates who meet the minimum criteria for the job. We are open to a range of flexible working options, including job sharing, to support childcare and other caring responsibilities.

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  • Data Engineer 7 Dec 2020

    Boston United States

    001 calendar 23 Nov 2020 Fulltime

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    About Gradient AI: Gradient A.I. delivers state-of-the art artificial intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to the trillion-dollar insurance industry. AI has emerged as a disruptive force revolutionizing the way insurance professionals achieve their objectives, and Gradient A.I. is leading the charge. Our team is made up of Data Science and Insurance Technology experts with a history of building wildly successful technology companies. If you are passionate about making a difference for customers, and collaborating with passionate colleagues, then Gradient A.I. might be the right place for you.

    About the Role: We are looking for critical and creative thinkers to join our team as a Data Engineers. You are a multi-talented engineer who can target high-level problems and down and dirty details alike. In this role, you will have a hand in every stage of development, you're independent, and comfortable thinking creatively with tools such as Python, SQL, and the AWS ecosystem. You’re willing to learn new skills and technologies as the task at hand requires, and are adaptable to fluid and evolving project requirements.

    In this role, you will contribute materially towards shaping and realizing the vision of our business contribute towards fundamentally changing the way an entire industry does business (really).

    Responsibilities: Develop tools to extract and process client data from different sources, and tools to profile and validate data Coordinate with data scientists to transform large amounts of data and store it in a format to facilitate modeling Contribute to production operations, data pipelines, workflow management, and reliability engineering   

    Qualifications: BS/MS in Computer Science (or in another quantitative discipline), or equivalent experience and self-education; 3+ years of working experience Fluency in SQL, and experience with non-relational/alternative databases Fluency in Python Desire to learn new skills and tools (e.g. Redshift, Tableau, AWS Lambda, etc.) Exposure working with a cloud-computing environment (e.g. AWS EC2) Comfortable with Linux, including developing shell scripts Experience working with Machine Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence is a bonus

    Work Authorization: US Work Authorization Required

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  • Machine Learning Engineer 31 Dec 2020

    Tel Aviv Israel

    001 calendar 30 Nov 2020 Full-Time

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    We are looking for a talented ML engineer to join our core team, shape the roadmap and take a key role in the development and implementation of our core product and internal algorithms, working hand-in-hand with our first customers.


    • 1+ years of hands-on experience in Python - Must
    • 2-5 years of hands-on software development
    • Hands on experience in developing using open source ML frameworks such as: scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, keras, tensorflow, pytorch
    • Experience with git, dockers, kubernetes and other CI \ CD concepts
    • Experience in developing in cloud environments (GCP \ AWS preferred)
    • Experience with linux based OS
    • Proficiency with SQL (RDBMS)
    • Experience in developing high scale data stream pipelines and architectures to production
    • Strong organizational, problem-solving and communication skills
    • Team player, can-do attitude

    Nice to have:

    • Experience with common Python frameworks such as: Flask \ - Django \ Celery
    • Experience working with NoSQL DBs
    • Experience in research for new ML \ DL algorithms
    • Hands on experience with common big data frameworks such as: Kafka \ Spark \ Flink \ etc
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  • Data Engineer (AI/ML, QA/QC) 31 Dec 2020

    USA United States

    001 calendar 9 Nov 2020 Full-Time

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    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Quality Assurance / Quality Control Data Engineer


    • Develop and implement standards and procedures to determine product quality and release readiness for AI/ML products
    • Deep knowledge of AI/ML algorithms and automated testing strategies
    • Apply state-of-the-art approaches and practices to our overall testing process across technical and conversational design and ops teams
    • Streamline and maintain the testing strategy for new development of content and data-driven content
    • Document the testing strategy and testing scripts for each system within our AI applications including computer vision, NLP and speech recognition
    • Create and distribute reports describing defects and resolutions
    • Maintain documentation for business requirements, technical - requirements, and testing Find opportunities to automate test scenarios
    • Participation in defining and reviewing business and technical requirements for features
    • Collaborate with developers, conversational designers/analysts to prevent issues with new products and features. Remove roadblocks to development through collaboration, communication, and creative solution recommendations
    • Develop, build, test, and maintain data pipeline architectures and tools
    • Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality
    • Conduct research for industry and business questions
    • Prepares data for predictive and prescriptive modeling
    • Manage all ETL functions (Extract, Transform, Load
    • Recommend and drive development best practices and continuous integration and delivery as part of a forward-thinking, agile organization
    • Understand and implement best practices in the management of enterprise data

    Required Skills:

    • US Citizenship
    • Proven experience as a QA Tester or similar role
    • Expert knowledge of one or more object-oriented programming languages (Scala, Java, C++)
    • Ability to use several scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Bash, etc.)
    • Experience with Batch and Streaming data processing
    • Experience with SQL and basic database knowledge for modifying queries and tables
    • Working knowledge of the fundamentals of probability and basic statistics
    • Strong interpersonal skills and experience working on multi-functional projects
    • Flexibility to work in an agile context
    • Ability to pivot and adapt to evolving requirements
    • Attention to detail, analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude
    • Excellent communication skills
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  • Technical Training Specialist 30 Nov 2020

    Białystok | Kraków | Wrocław Poland

    001 calendar 1 Nov 2020 Full-Time

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    We are looking for a Technical Training Specialist who will become a mastermind of our training lab, create up-to-date technical training paths, and cooperate with the team of managers in developing technical competencies among employees. The role demands coordination of technical training actions including onboarding new developers and keeping track of IT development trends.

    Responsibilities - Maintaining current technical training paths and preparing new ones - also with the help of experts - Onboarding of new employees in the software development department - Software Developers, DevOps Engineers - Collecting information on the level of competences of new developers - Monitoring the progress in the technical development of employees, collecting and providing feedback to employees about the progress - Cooperation with project managers – participation in the creation of development plans for employees - Establishing, along with managers, if the competencies are complete and up-to-date - Verification of competencies assessment system and collection and analysis of its results - Identification of areas requiring improvement, collecting technical training needs - Looking after people on the bench - involvement in internal projects and development paths; collecting and providing feedback - Management of relationships with suppliers of training materials and certificates as well as partner companies (Pluralsight, Udemy, AWS, Azure, etc.)

    Requirements - Experience in working in the IT industry or technical background - Experience in the learning and development/training area - Higher education - Fluency in English - Strong interpersonal skills, goal-orientation, can-do attitude - “A match to our culture”- a team player with strong communication skills, focusing on what brings value, eager to drive change by taking the initiative and caring for an open and friendly atmosphere

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  • Machine Learning Engineer 30 Nov 2020

    Białystok | Kraków | Wrocław Poland

    001 calendar 1 Nov 2020 Full-Time

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    We are looking for engineers who are passionate to stay at the forefront of machine learning technology, building state-of-the-art AI solutions for Fortune 500 businesses and launching these solutions into production.

    Responsibilities - Build systems that combine ML & deep learning techniques with classical AI approaches to solve real-life business problems - Research, develop, prototype and productionize machine learning solutions using various AI approaches - Choose the most suitable methods and models to apply to a particular use case - Work with large datasets to train, validate, optimize and deploy ML models

    Requirements - BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or a related technical field involving Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Strong problem-solving skills - The capability of translating business use cases into a concrete model development strategy - Strong programming skills in Python - Experience in using Python for analysis and modelling - Experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries (TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch) - Knowledge of statistical techniques and understanding their advantages and drawbacks - Very good communication skills - Very good command of English

    Nice to have - Experience using cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP) - Familiarity with text processing and analysis - Familiarity with Tesseract - Familiarity with ML automation tools (MLflow, Metaflow) - Experience with R and R Keras

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