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Women in AI Mentorship Programme

What is the women in ai mentoring programme?

Alongside our work to bring together women working in AI at our events, we are piloting a 12 month Mentoring Programme to match graduates and women in the early stages of their career with women paving the way in the industry from Founders, Directors, Managers, CxO’s and leading academics to encourage the progression, development and inclusion of women in the tech industry.

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    How does it work?

    Step 1: Apply online to be either a Mentor or a Mentee

    Step 2: Once you have been accepted, RE•WORK will work on matching suitable candidates together based on similar interests, backgrounds, and career choices.

    Step 3: You will be introduced to your mentor/mentee via email for you to begin the 12-month programme.

    Step 4: From here, it is down to both the Mentor & Mentee to decide when, where and how you meet with a commitment of at least 1 hour per month. Questions will be answered, guidance will be given and connections can be made!

    Step 5: There will be exclusive access throughout the programme to a Slack Group for all mentors and mentees to connect and share useful information as well as opportunities to take part in the RE•WORK Women in AI Podcast and the Diversity Diaries Blog series.

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    Who are the mentors?

    Across all of our events, we include pioneering women in AI, machine learning and deep learning across various industries including the tech giants and innovative startups, as well as academics from leading institutes and research groups. We will be working with a selection of these across various industries and backgrounds, to help create a scheme where selected mentees can rely upon them for career advice, a sounding board for opinions, a trusted connection in the industry, and a general support system in the early stages of career progression.
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    Who are the mentees?

    RE•WORK wants to encourage and support Rising Stars in the industry however we can, and this programme allows for this. Whether in an academic, graduate, or early career role, application is open to women with a passion to make a difference in the tech world and seeking a role model in the industry to help make this happen. Wherever you aspire for your career path to take you, we are hoping to provide guidance along the way.

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