Seth Weidman

Sentilink uses machine learning to stop synthetic fraud. Specifically, the Sentilink API allows lenders to determine in real time whether someone applying for their loan is a real person, or whether they are merely a "synthetic identity" created by a fraudster. In this talk, Sentilink data scientist Seth Weidman will discuss the subtle signals Sentilink uses to detect such fraud, and also share lessons we've learned about managing real time machine learning models in production.

Seth Weidman is a data scientist at Sentilink, where he works on their algorithms to stop synthetic fraud. He has done many jobs in the data analytics and machine learning space, from working as a business analyst in management consulting to doing machine learning engineering at Facebook, and recently published an introductory book on Deep Learning with O'Reilly. He has degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Chicago.

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