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How is Coronavirus affecting events?

View the latest information here.

What is the difference between the the Standard Pass and Standard Pass PLUS option?

The Standard Pass option allows you to attend the physical event, as well as receive a copy of the presentation slides and recorded presentations from the event.

The PLUS Pass option entitles you to the same as the above, however you will also receive 2 days worth of additional online content from another Summit, specified in the ticket description. If you have a real interest in the topics being discussed at your chosen Summit, this is the Pass you would benefit from the most.

When will I receive the Recorded Presentations and Presentation Slides from the Summit?

You will receive an E-mail to the E-mail address you registered with containing instructions on how to access the presentation slides the week following the Summit. The recorded presentations will become available to you approximately 2 weeks after the Summit date.

Some of the Presentations are not available to view Online. Why are some missing?

We require each of the Speakers to confirm that they are happy for us to share their presentation slides and recording. If we do not receive consent to release the presentation, we will be unable to upload it to our website.

I can’t remember my Password to access the Online Content. How can I reset it?

Please send an E-mail to hello@re-work.co advising us that you need to reset your password and we will do this for you.

Will I need to bring any documents with me to prove I am entitled to the Student/Academic Pass?

Yes. We will require you to bring a copy of your Student Card to the Summit or a document/building access card proving that you are in a full-time position within an Academic Institution.

I signed up when I was a Student/worked at a Startup, but I am now in a new role and do not fit the criteria for the Pass I purchased. Is my ticket still valid?

No, your ticket will need to be updated. Please contact hello@re-work.co for information on how to do this.

Is there a discounted room rate available at the Summit venue?

If the Summit is being held in a hotel, we often try to secure a discounted room rate for our attendees. You can check this on the Venue section of the Summit website or contact hello@re-work.co for confirmation.

Is there parking at the Venue?

Whilst we aim to ensure the venue has parking available for attendees this may not always be the case. Please check the Venue section of the Event website for further information.

There is more than 1 Summit taking place on the specified dates. WIll I be able to access the other Summit(s) also?

Yes. You will have full access to any co-located Summits taking place on the same date in the same venue.

Can I swap my Pass with a colleague in the afternoon/for Day 2?

We are happy for passes to be swapped between colleagues, however only if we are made aware at least 2 weeks before the Summit date. You will need to hand your pass in at reception when you leave to allow your colleague to collect their pass from us.

I forgot to apply my discount code to my order. Can I get a refund to reflect the discount?

Unfortunately not, discount codes must be applied to your order at the time of registering.

I am attending in a group of 3 or more and want to make use of your group discount code, however we must pay for our tickets separately. Can I still make use of the discount?

Yes, please e-mail hello@re-work.co for further instructions on how to apply the discount to separate orders.

My Employer/Sponsor is unable to make payment through your website. Am I able to pay by Invoice?

Yes. Please contact hello@re-work.co to obtain an Invoice for Passes.

Where can I find out about recently announced Summits, Dinners and Workshops?

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What is the technical level of the talks?

Presentations at our Summits & Dinners are of a technical nature, however we have a range of Presentations & Workshops which are suitable to those with less of a technical background. Each Presentation is reviewed by RE•WORK before the event to ensure that they are of high quality and delivered by experts in their respective fields.

Who attends RE•WORK Events?

We see a wide variety of Attendees at our events, ranging from Data Scientists, Software Engineers, AI Analysts, Research Scientists, PhD Students, Proffesor’s & Data Engineers to CTO’s, CEO’s, Founders, VP’s, Director’s, Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs.

Where can I find an example of previous Presentations?

You can find past presentations on our RE•WORK YouTube channel. Here we have previous Presentations, Speaker Interviews and over 100 hours of Online Content available.

Are there any Evening/Social Event taking place alongside the Summit?

We often coincide a Women in AI Dinner/Reception or an Attendee Dinner with our Summits. To check if this is the case for your Summit of choice, please check the ‘Co-located with…’ section at the top of the event website.

Is there a way I can connect with other Attendees at the Event?

Yes, during the Summit we have regular Coffee Breaks, Lunch Breaks and Networking Sessions taking place. The team are always on hand to help you track down fellow attendees and point you in the right direction. Stick around for Networking Drinks at the end of Day 1!

What makes RE•WORK Summits different from other technology Events?

RE•WORK Summits are dedicated to discovering the latest developments in AI, rather than hearing about the latest ‘sales pitch’. We pride ourselves on hosting one of the most focused Summit Series around and creating meaningful discussions to advance technology, share success stories and highlight pitfalls. You have the chance to meet leading minds in AI, Speakers, fellow Attendees and Sponsors, all of whom come together during breaks in a shared Networking space.

Are there any interactive Breakout Sessions or Workshops at your Summits?

Yes, we always have Workshops and Breakout Sessions during our Summits. You can find out which specific sessions are taking place on the ‘Schedule’ section of the Summit website.

Is lunch provided?

Yes! We also provide breakfast, refreshments throughout the day and plenty of coffee.

Is there a dress code at a RE•WORK Event?

We do not have a dress code, we just want you to be comfortable!

How will my personal information be used at your Event?

We print delegate lists for our events to facilitate conversations and encourage networking. The information printed on this list will include your Full Name, Job Title, and Company Name. Your Full Name and Company Name only will be printed on your name badge. If you do not want this information printed on the delegate list for any reason, please let us know at least 1 week before the event. Please note, your personal contact information (such as email address or phone number) will not be shared without your consent.

I need a Visa to attend your Event. Can you provide me with an Invitation Letter to help support my application?

Of course, all we need from you is the following:

Full Name
Job Title
Company Name
Registered Company Address

Send the above information to hello@re-work.co, along with the Event you will be attending.

In the event that your Visa Application is denied, we will be unable to provide a refund on any purchased tickets. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information on our Refund policy.

What is the cancellation policy?

View the full cancellation policy here

What are the T&Cs?

View the T&Cs in full here

What is the Code of Conduct?

View the Code of Conduct here