Taimur Rashid

Low Latency Fraud Prevention with Redis Labs

Time is money, and the difference between milliseconds and microseconds can mean the difference between big profits or losses. In modern business low latency is important, but it’s critical in banking and financial services, especially since fraud has grown to epidemic proportions. Fraudulent charges are costing companies billions of dollars, and that’s why it’s important for IT decision makers in financial services to measure latency in microseconds. A low-latency, scalable, in-memory data store like Redis can enable organizations to architect to meet this critical business need. Drawing from first principles and best practices, learn how to architect to prevent fraud in milliseconds.

As Chief Business Development Officer, Taimur is responsible for developing emerging businesses at Redis Labs, and strategic business & corporate development. He is currently leading initiatives related to AI/ML. Prior to Redis Labs, Taimur led Worldwide Customer Success for Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform, Analytics & AI business. And before that, he was Managing Director for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Platform Technology and Applications where he led business development from 2008 (near its inception) to 2018 when the business reached $25B in ARR. Taimur helped forge some key partnerships and customers including Airbnb, CapitalOne, Dropbox, Liberty Mutual, NASA JPL, Nasdaq, Netflix, Nintendo, Intuit, SAP, Samsung, and Societe Generale.

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