Adam Cheyer

Can an AI Assistant be as Important as the Web or as Mobile?

AI Assistants are used billions of times each week and have been baked into more than a billion consumer devices. People talk to them to accomplish functions like playing songs, sending text messages, setting timers, and more. However, while these Assistants are useful, today they are not a global paradigm like the Web or like Mobile, which impact every connected user and every connected business. In this talk, we will discuss what it might take for an Assistant to make the leap to global paradigm, and then illustrate the unique architecture and approach being taken by Samsung’s Bixby Assistant with the goal of doing just that.

Adam Cheyer is co-Founder and VP Engineering of Viv Labs, and after acquisition in 2016, a VP of R&D at Samsung. Previously, Mr. Cheyer was co-Founder and VP Engineering at Siri, Inc. In 2010, Siri was acquired by Apple, where he became a Director of Engineering in the iPhone/iOS group. Adam is also a Founding Member and Advisor to, the premier social network for positive social change, and a co-Founder of Sentient Technologies. Mr. Cheyer is an author of more than 60 publications and 27 issued patents.

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