Anne Hsu

Towards Psychologically Aware Artificial Intelligence

Current conversational agents primarily provide practical support, such as providing information, searching for products and booking events. Thus, a large realm of conversational potential remains underexplored. I will discuss the automation of natural language conversations that can form more meaningful, emotional connections with the user. These agents can understand users’ motivational underpinnings and can thus provide empathic, context-sensitive dialog. In addition to forging a more engaging relationship with the user, such systems can provide behaviour change support by delivering in-the-moment help and elevating user self-awareness.

Dr. Hsu is an expert in machine learning, psychology, and behaviour change. She is a computer science lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London in the Risk and Information Management Group. Her current research focuses on AI agents that can engage in psychologically sophisticated conversations. She also consults for businesses on AI strategy and is a specialist advisor to Magpar on AI-related financial investments. Her broader research topics include machine learning, natural language processing, conversational AI, behavioural economics, persuasive-design, wellbeing, health and behavioural change. She received her PhD in Physics and BSc in Mechanical Engineering, both from UC Berkeley.

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