Ling Zhang

End to End Testing for Virtual Assistants

How do you get your bot ready for production? Unit testing can be done in a similar fashion as any other software program, but integration testing comes with its own challenges: a “good” bot is non-deterministic by nature, conversation flows can be updated at any times by - potentially - non technical staff. There is a challenge of making the tests resemble a natural dialogue, but still be flexible enough for complex bot behavior. To solve this problem, is announcing Autobot, the first open source, end to end testing framework for chatbots.

Passionate entrepreneur and polyglot software engineer, Ling Zhang joined to build the first AI-powered virtual colleague for Marketers, bringing his expertise in deep learning, natural language processing, and full stack development. Previously, he founded 2 startups before age 25 and was part of the Entrepreneur First 8 Cohort. Ling graduated in Computer Science from NYU Abu Dhabi, and he started his career at Facebook and Palantir.

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