Ludwig Bull

Computational Jurisprudence - How AI Helps us Understand the law

Elexirr is pioneering the use of deep learning architectures for case outcome predictions. Employing various neural network frameworks, including single and bidirectional RNNs (especially LSTMs) and ConvNets, Elexirr leverages some of the most recent advances in NLP to provide accurate predictions. The frontend conversation hones in on the user's specific problem by projecting the conversation into vector space and calculating similarity metrics - though avoiding the common pitfall of expecting a chatbot to do to much too quickly.

As Elexirr’s Managing Director, Ludwig develops the software, oversees the team and builds the company’s strategy. He is fascinated by the way information flows - especially online - and how that changes what we think about. Born in Germany, he was raised in seven different countries and speaks six languages. Although the majority of his time is devoted to developing software tools to help professionals and ordinary people solve legal problems, in his spare time, Ludwig practices martial arts and competes in marathons.

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