Nikola Mrksic

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Democratising Conversational AI

Personal assistants such as Alexa and Siri are everywhere, but have trouble handling any tasks more complex than setting alarms or playing songs on Spotify. PolyAI is a new London-based startup with a next generation platform for building voice-based agents. We use machine learning to handle complex tasks across different application domains, in a wide array of world languages. In this talk, I will present our Wizard-of-Oz data collection framework, which allows us to collect high-quality datasets and train our models at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional data labelling approaches.

Nikola Mrksic is the CEO and Co-Founder of PolyAI, a London-based startup developing the next generation machine learning platform for building conversational user interfaces. Our technology enables the development of machine learning powered chatbots or voice-based agents which perform tasks across many applications, in a wide array of world languages. Nikola completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, working with Professor Steve Young. He also worked as a machine learning researcher with the Apple Siri team in Cambridge. Before that, he was the first technical hire at VocalIQ, a Cambridge-based dialogue systems startup acquired by Apple in 2015.

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