Agata Chudzińska

Answering Emails in No Time – Short Story How to Use NLP in Modern Enterprises

In order to maintain good customer relations, every company have to take care and continuously keep contact with the clients. Almost every bigger enterprise needs therefore a dedicated customer service. Here artificial intelligence comes with help. Mailbot is the answer to current market needs. It is analyzing incoming messages: either complains, order status requests, questions regarding products details or availability and supporting the answer. Using Natural Language Processing the Mailbot is proposing complete message to customer ready to send back. It could integrate with ERP and CRM systems to include current prices, discounts, availabilities in message. Customer Service could spare lots of time having all this information gathered automatically. Mailbot is also able to create complaint in system which could be processed further in separate department.

Agata is a co-founder of TheBlue.AI, company delivering AI solutions for business, specializing in NLP, ML and IP. Cooperation with partners specialized in Business Applications and Mixed Reality allows theBlue.AI to successfully combine newest technologies with deep business understanding. As a head of AI team Agata was creating solutions like Mailbot, TwitterBoard and Chatbot using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms. Recently her main responsibilities are focusing on project management of Predictive Maintenance product. In addition she is taking part in designing complex big data architectures as well designing best possible algorithms to handle incoming time series data. Agata enjoys combining in practice her educational background from both business informatics and linguistics to solve business problems applying machine learning algorithms.

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