Artem Rodichev

Building an AI friend

Chatbots should have empathy. They need to have the ability to identify the user’s emotions from the conversation, to detect how emotions evolve over time, and to understand the user’s emotional needs. Artem will talk about how chatbots can simulate emotional connection with users using different modalities, including text, speech, and vision, and how we can use deep learning to build the best friend for a human.

Artem Rodichev is a Head of AI at Luka, a company that is best known for its recent app called Replika - an AI friend for emotional growth and awareness. Artem earned M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University. Before Luka, he worked at top Russian IT companies such as Yandex,, and ABBYY developing NLP-driven products. Artem's area of research interest includes Conversational AI and Deep Learning techniques for modeling human conversation.

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