Faisal Khalid

Replacing Lawyers and Real Estate Brokers with AI

In this talk, Faisal will share his experience of building a popular chatbot housing ‘lawyer’, Renters Union. Since launch, the chatbot has helped thousands of Londoners get free, instant, personalised legal advice, saving them from having to hire expensive lawyers. AI has many practical applications, as bots like Renters Union and DoNoPay have shown, and in this session you’ll learn about how you, too, can build practical tools on your own.

Faisal is the Founder and CEO of Renters Union, a popular chatbot ‘lawyer’ that provides free, instant, personalised legal advice to Londoners. It has been covered in TechCrunch, TimeOut, EveningStandard and numerous legal blogs, and been hailed by users as ‘something the Mayor should have built’, ‘BRILLIANT’ and ‘totally rubbish.’ Faisal previously built and sold a fintech venture, and spent several years in banking and private equity, before learning to code and moving to tech. Faisal holds a BA from Harvard University, and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and lives in London.

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