Jay Shah

Automating Expert Note Taking

Kiroku is changing the way computers understand conversational language. We believe that speech to text is not enough, and the next step is deriving the meaning from conversation. Our first product can listen to a conversation between a dentist and a patient during a dental appointment and automatically generate the clinical notes. The models are generic and can be repeated in a variety of industries and applications. In this talk, we will cover the ideas behind how we are building the foundations of this technology, and some of the obstacles we face on the way.

Jay is the co-founder and CTO of Kiroku. Kiroku graduated from the eighth cohort of Entrepreneur First (Europes leading deep tech incubator). Kiroku was listed on TechCrunch as one of the top three companies coming out of EF. Before founding Kiroku, Jay completed his masters in natural language processing and machine learning at the University of Cambridge. His research focused on translating within English, and Kiroku has built on much of this technology to create its first product, giving the company a huge head-start in solving this hugely complex technical challenge.

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