Kamel Nebhi

Enhancing Cryptocurrency Forecasting by using Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis

Peculium is the first Crypto-Savings platform that combines traditional savings, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. Indeed, Peculium is a platform that makes use of the AIEVE Artificial Intelligence technology to forecast the market price of several cryptocurrencies and giving real-time saving-portfolios advices.

In this context, AIEVE is based on cutting-edge NLP techniques to extract semantic meaning and sentiment from large volumes of unstructured text from multiple sources such as social media or RSS feeds. In this presentation, we will present a Twitter sentiment analysis pipeline based on CNNs and LSTMs networks using fine-tuned word embeddings. We will show how these techniques help AIEVE to predict the cryptocurrency market with a higher level of accuracy to increase users savings.

Prior to joining AIEVE, Kamel was working as a Senior NLP Data Scientist at First Utility developing AI technology to improve the customer experience. Kamel has also worked at Oxford University Press as a Lead Language Technologist for the Oxford English Dictionary project. During his Ph.D at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, he has been working on several topics such as NLP, Machine Learning and Semantic Web.

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