Marc Paulina

Empathic Design for Conversational Interfaces

We are in an age of blending horizons and blurring devices brought alive by ambient assistive companions. Everything is talking, everything has a brain...and we respond to these "presences" with many of the same feelings and reactions as if they were sentient beings. It's not our fault. It's 150,000 years of human hardwiring telling us that a speaking thing is not just an “it,” it’s alive and aware and connecting with us. With “ears” and “eyes” sensing, it becomes even more emotionally compelling and/or complex.

How might we design for Emotional Intelligence to make people feel that these experiences are useful, familiar, comfortable, positive, supportive and trust-worthy.

Marc is a Senior User Experience Designer at Google, focusing on multimodal (voice and touch) conversational experiences for the Google Assistant across a range of surfaces from mobile to wearables.

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