Charles Ahmadzadeh

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Helping Humans Understand Each Other - Emma, Your AI Psychologist

Ever wanted to scratch the surface and understand the inner motivations of the people you encounter in your professional life? Behind a CV or an online profile, there is a person with tons of drives that won't be possible to see for most humans. That is why we created Emma, a AI-powered psychologist that tells you what's behind the surface of your business partners, potential new hire or your boss. But the road to design a machine that can dig deeper than any human mind could go was definitely not an easy one: join this talk / session to discover how to make relationships more human thanks to AI.

Charles is co-founder at and runs their engineering team. is the team success platform for managing culture with data. Full stack software generalist with a knack for data, Charles is passionate about Software Craftsmanship, reactive architectures and Audio Synthesis. In addition to growing the engineers team at Bunch Charles mentors developers at

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