Charles Ahmadzadeh

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What Can We Learn from Slack Data about Human Collaboration Using NLP and Research in Psychology?

With the help of Natural Language Processing, it is now possible to analyse human behavior based on communication on Slack. This is a major breakthrough for organizational science. Researchers at Cambridge University succeeded once before to predict a person’s personality profile from Facebook likes more accurately than that person’s family could. With our technology now the field moved a significant step closer towards an algorithm predicting human behavior better than humans can. In this talk, Charles Ahmadzadeh the CTO and co-founder of will share how they built a classifier from scratch and what are the next steps to scale it towards Deep Learning to push research in psychology and its application in companies one step further.

Charles is co-founder at and runs their engineering team. is the team success platform for managing culture with data. Full stack software generalist with a knack for data, Charles is passionate about Software Craftsmanship, reactive architectures and Audio Synthesis. In addition to growing the engineers team at Bunch Charles mentors developers at

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