Andrew Magliozzi

Helping students chat their way to a college degree

In the US, most students who apply to college fail to earn a degree. Students who struggle often come from underserved communities and often lack adequate college guidance. To address this need, AdmitHub developed a chatbot, named Oli, that gathers data, sends reminders, and answers questions in a personalized way at scale. The average user exchanges fifty messages per month with Oli on their path to and through college. Andrew Magliozzi, AdmitHub's technical co-founder, will share insight into AdmitHub's technical architecture, data pipeline, and experience integrating a chatbot into the highly personal environment of college counseling.

Andrew Magliozzi has dedicated his career to developing technology to help students succeed. Before founding AdmitHub in 2014, he founded and ran Signet Education (2005) and also established a non-profit organization with funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Andrew has an undergraduate degree from Harvard College '05 and also attended Hack Reactor '13. In his spare time, Andrew practices the ancient art of Italian Yoga.

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