Anitha Kannan

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AI for health The practice of medicine involves diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Recent technological breakthroughs have made little dent to the centuries-old system of practicing medicine: complex diagnostic decisions are still mostly dependent on “educated” work-ups of the doctors, and rely on somewhat outdated tools and incomplete data. This can leads to imperfect, biased, and, at times, incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

With a growing research community as well as tech companies working on AI advances to medicine, the hope for healthcare renaissance is definitely not lost. The emphasis of this talk will be on ML-driven medicine. We will discuss recent AI advancements for aiding medical decision including language understanding, medical knowledge base construction and diagnosis systems. We will discuss the importance of personalized medicine that takes into account not only the user but also the context, and other metadata. We will also highlight challenges in designing ML-based medical systems that are accurate, but at the same time engaging and trustworthy for the user.

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