Deepti Yenireddy

My Ally - Cutting Edge AI Recruiting Tech

When hiring top tier talent, delays in the recruitment process will be your greatest disadvantage. Our research indicates that one of the tightest bottlenecks in recruitment is interview scheduling. Recruiters spend up to 25 hours each week just scheduling interviews.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, My Ally's AI assistant can take over interview scheduling, attend to candidate queries, and reduce time to hire from 2+ months to <15 days, while maintaining a rich level of candidate experience.

Deepti Yenireddy is the Founder & CEO of My Ally, a startup that is at the forefront of the AI recruiting revolution. Deepti believes in building human-centric artificial intelligence that will automate and digitize complex workflows for professionals. My Ally aids recruiting teams around the globe reclaim countless hours otherwise spent on mundane tasks like scheduling and coordinating interviews.

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