Ivan Crewkov

Growing the Generation of AI-Natives

A generation of today’s children will live in the world of AI. They will have Personal AIs just like we had personal computers, and AI assistants will be their main interface to technology. How can we prepare our children to this wired new world? How do we empower our children with this emerging technology? The answer is we will create an AI-assistant that grows with our children from an early age...

MyBuddy.ai is a speaking cartoon robot that lives in a child's mobile devices. Via conversation, it guides a child towards educational content, while allowing parents to control screen time. In the US, children waste up to 7 hours a day consuming entertainment content. Parents feel irresponsible and frustrated, but inevitably allow screens. Ivan Crewkov is the father of a daughter so he is committed to solving this problem. Before the foundation of MyBuddy.ai, Ivan spent three years building voice assistants at Cubic.ai, including featured voice control Apps for Philips Hue and Nest.

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