Mahesh Ram

How machine learning applications can deliver a superior customer support experience

In this interactive roundtable discussion, we will explore: What are useful criteria to make buy v. build decisions for key applications of AI and ML technologies?; Are large data sets intrinsically necessary to build compelling AI and ML applications?; What are best practices to measure the business impact of AI and ML applications? Are they any different than for previous generation applications?; What are the key trends in the C-suite when it comes to driving efficiencies from these new technologies? Who is doing it well?; How do you distinguish 'thin layer' applications of AI and ML from more meaningful and deep applications? How do you apply this to vendor/partner selection?

Mahesh Ram is the CEO of Solvvy. Mahesh has been a founder or early employee of three cloud-based software companies in his career. Two were successful exits (after creating new categories), and acquired by large public companies (most recently GlobalEnglish acquired by Pearson PLC in 2012).

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