Nazar Fedorchuk

The Future of Voice Technology

Currently, most of the conversations about wearables are focused on fitness. With this talk, Nazar will extend the thinking of wearables beyond fitness trackers, bring people’s attention to what a potential lies behind combination of wearables and voice, and show the challenges which hold back this progress, like social norms and psychology.

Nazar Fedorchuk is the founder and CEO of Senstone. He is the visionary of the concept behind Senstone, a sensitive voice tracker for capturing thoughts and life experiences on the go. The idea of Senstone came to him in summer 2014 when he was trying to tackle his personal problem of forgetfulness and recording random thoughts. It started as a simple Reminder Button, soon eloped to the device with quite a few functions and soon Nazar left the paid job to pursue his dream. He bootstrapped the company, raised pre-seed Angel investments in July 2016. He also manages all the business development and reaches executive level decisions. Nazar is an Oxford graduate and for 7 years prior to starting his own business, Nazar lead the drafting government legislative group towards the success of legislation -- identified the problem, researched the scope, built a team, and executed it to the success of legislation and freedom for fake prisoners. Received Chevening Open Society Institute and Foreign Commonwealth Office scholarship in AY 2003-04, Eagle Award and a number of US Government Awards for Superior Performance.

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