Rix Ryskamp

Getting ROI from ML - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The hype surrounding AI and machine learning can make you think it can do anything with ease. All too often organizations find limitations long after budgets are exhausted. In this workshop will examine how to match machine learning capacities with your organization to ensure ROI. We will also look at how to match a team and machine learning framework to fit well with the organization's goals. Plan to leave with a better understanding of the practical side of machine learning and how to monetize it in your organization.

Rix Ryskamp is the founder and CEO of useAIble, which developed the Ryskamp Machine Learning System. This alternative paradigm for machine learning solves more types problems and does it faster, all while providing transparency at every step of the learning cycle. The system is tailor-made to deliver business value. Rix has been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years and has sold several software and technology businesses. In every venture he’s undertaken, Rix has relied on his uncanny ability to see problems in a unique light and innovative new and exciting solutions.

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