Wally Trenholm

The Commercialisation of Deep Learning

The world has not seen a more disruptive and powerful technology since the inception of the internet itself. Deep Learning is going to transform every single industry that it touches. In manufacturing industries, the application of deep learning is as powerful as the introduction of robotics with the ability to automate higher level human decision making. Tasks such as quality inspection, process monitoring and production analysis are areas that rely heavily on humans but continue to be plagued with problems.

Similarly in medical diagnostics, the infrastructure around early detection and lab testing is ripe for transformation. This presentation will discuss how Sightline is applying the power of deep learning directly to these industries and affecting change to solve real problems with their Deep Learning cloud engine - Sightline Cortex.

Wally is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur who sold his previous company to Research In Motion. He has over 25 years of programming and 18 years of management experience. With Sightline Innovation Wally has connected complex science and business with the goal of creating a leading global technology company around Deep Learning.

As the Founder and CEO of Sightline Innovation, he has built a company focused on practical deep learning solutions for medical diagnostics and manufacturing. In a few short years, Sightline Innovation has already been successful at selling and deploying its deep learning products in commercial settings, and built a powerful technology force to support it.

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