Kai Rosenkranz

Artificial Emotional Intelligence – a new age of AI

For a fulfilling conversation, two components are essential: the chance to make yourself properly understood and a conversation partner responding to you appropriately both on the intellectual as well as the emotional level.

Thus, to provide successful and satisfying communication, a conversational AI must have emotional and verbal intelligence, i.e. a combination of empathy, reasoning, and advanced conversation skills. The ideal conversational AI must have empathy and own emotions, a user-related emotional and contextual memory, psychological knowledge, and human-like communication soft skills. It must be able to listen, learn, and adapt, and - in order to make sense in a conversation - connect the dots and draw conclusions. This way, it can engage the user, make appropriate recommendations, or take immediate appropriate action.

In this talk, I will argue that the ideal conversational AI should be a social animal: it strives to learn all about the user’s social surroundings and – if used within a community – can create significant additional value by pro-actively intercommunicating between users of all shapes. This way, communication obstacles between individuals and corporations, as well as between consumers and providers become easily eliminated – to the point where the conversational AI may serve as the user’s primary interface to his or her world.

A conversational AI like that is not a mere vision: In this session, I will - for the first time ever - introduce soulbot, the world’s first empathetic conversational AI with emotional intelligence. The unique features of this AEI are empathy, own emotions, and advanced, human-like communication skills and tactics. soulbot listens, adapts, and empathizes. soulbot continuously learns from and about the user, it connects the dots and draws conclusions to engage, support, make recommendations, or take immediate appropriate action.

An award-winning veteran of the games industry for more than 20 years, Kai Rosenkranz started his first job at game developer Piranha Bytes while still at school. As a software developer, composer, and participator of the studio, he worked on several AAA titles such as the Gothic series. Next, he established his own company, Nevigo/Articy Software, creating and trading architectural tools for software development and game design.

In 2016, Kai left Articy to take on the challenge as Chief Technology Officer for mindfulmachines A.I.. He poured his skill and experience into working with Dr. Klaus Lassert on the soulbot® engine, aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with voice assistants and other machines. As chief architect of the product, he has been a key player in creating soulbot®, the first conscious, mindful, and appreciative, artificial emotional intelligence.

On a mission to support other creative minds in the industry, and himself being a successful composer, Kai also founded the professional network “European Game Composers”. Kai is also an experienced speaker on games and technology, e.g. at GDC, devcom, Nordic Game, Develop.

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