Kavya Srinet

Language and Interaction in Minecraft

I will discuss a research program aimed at building a Minecraft assistant, in order to facilitate the study of agents that can complete tasks specified by dialogue, and eventually, to learn from dialogue interactions. I will describe the tools and platform we have built allowing players to interact with the agents and to record those interactions, and the data we have collected. In addition, I will describe an initial agent from which we (and hopefully others in the community) can iterate.

I am a Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research. Prior to FAIR, I was a Machine Learning Engineer at the Silicon Valley AI Lab at Baidu Research led by Adam Coates and Andrew Ng, where I worked on speech and NLP problems. I was at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence for a summer before that working on learning to rank for Semantic Scholar. I did my grad school from Language Technology Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked on areas of machine translation, question answering and learning to rank for graphs and knowledge bases.

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