Shankar Bhargava

Intelligent Personal Assistants and Future of Shopping

Intelligent personal assistants for shopping can significantly improve the customer experience for both online and offline retail customers by reducing friction. At Walmart Labs we are working on enabling shopping, entertainment and other use cases through multi-modal devices and voice interactions. Developing a commerce specific assistant requires rethinking of some of the problems around traditional ecommerce search and recommendations while also solving some newer ones on multi-turn dialog management and interaction design. In this talk we will talk about how we are addressing some of these problems and some of the open research problems. Solving these problems will significantly change how people shop in the coming years.

Shankar Bhargava is a Senior Director at Walmart Labs where he leads the company’s AI assistant and customer understanding groups. As part of the AI assistant group he leads the development in areas including voice shopping, chatbots for customer service and conversational AI platform. Previously he has worked at Walmartlabs, Salesforce and Amazon on a broad set of applied machine learning problems including marketing technology, ad-targeting, search relevance and text processing.

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