Vishwakarma Singh

Powering a Safe Online Experience at Scale with Machine Learning

Large web platforms like Pinterest which facilitate users to create or save content are sometimes misused by bad actors to distribute harmful, hateful, harassing, or misleading content. These unsafe content not only bring very unpleasant experiences to platform users but rarely can also lead to very dangerous outcomes. Identifying various forms of unsafe content is a hard research problem. Operationalizing an effective scalable solution on a real-world platform is even harder because of the ecosystem complexity, dynamic nature, system requirements, massive size, and impact. In the context of Pinterest, I would discuss challenges as well as the standard processes, techniques, and systems used to identify and act against harmful content at scale.

Vishwakarma Singh is Machine Learning Technical Lead for Trust and Safety at Pinterest where he leads strategy, innovation, and solutions for proactively fighting various platform abuse at scale using Machine Learning. He previously worked at Apple as a Principal Machine Learning Scientist. He earned a PhD in Computer Science with specialization in “Pattern Querying in Heterogeneous Datasets” from University of California at Santa Barbara. He has published many research papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

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