Ajay Chander

Design and AI for Mental Health

Experiences of unresolved mental pain are far too numerous in the modern world. The current systems for supporting us through such challenges are either absent or inadequate for careseekers, caregivers, and their larger communities. This needs to change. In this talk, we will look at how you can use Design and AI towards building powerful new systems for Good Mental Health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making the ecosystem in mental health explicit reveals a massive amount of design whitespace; this talk gives you a wide-angle lens to see the opportunities
  • Picking good Design abstractions allows you to focus on outcomes of interest for the people that we want to serve, and it guides the selection and utilization of any technologies that you might use or build
  • AI helps with high-dimensional awareness and optimization, that is relevant to the design-abstracted view of the world

Ajay Chander leads R&D teams in imagining and building new human-centric technologies and products. His work has spanned transparent AI, AI life assistants, digital healthcare and wellness, software security, and computational behavior design. He has received several best paper awards, as well as the ACM’s “Most Influential Paper” (of the decade) award. Previously, he received his PhD from Stanford University. Currently, Dr. Chander serves as the Vice President of Research at Fujitsu’s R&D lab in Silicon Valley and provides technical and thought/strategy leadership for all aspects of the interplay between technology and the human experience.

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