Ananya Karthik

Creative Expression to Increase Diversity in AI

In my talk, I hope to describe how an understanding of artificial intelligence as an inherently creative and versatile endeavor helped excite me about my potential to contribute to the field, as well as how I share this empowering view with girls in my community in order to promote inclusion in tech. By launching creAIte, an outreach AI+Art initiative that inspires middle-school and high-school girls in computer science (CS) and artificial intelligence (AI) through neural art, I aimed to help increase diversity in AI and emphasize creativity as the core of technological innovation.

Ananya Karthik is an incoming freshman at Stanford University who believes that creative thinking and diversity are essential to the future of technology. At age 15, Ananya co-founded creAIte, an AI+Art initiative that inspires traditionally underrepresented groups in artificial intelligence through neural art. creAIte organizes workshops across the country that emphasize creativity as the core of technological innovation and promote inclusion in AI. As a member of the inaugural IEEE Global Initiative’s High School Committee, Ananya enjoys discussing the ethics of AI technology, and she collaborated with faculty as the sole student representative in her school’s Innovation Committee to promote a culture of innovation on campus.

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