Carla Bromberg

Applications of AI for Social Good

AI can provide new ways of approaching problems to meaningfully improve people’s lives. With AI, we have another tool to explore and address hard, unanswered questions. What if people could predict natural disasters before they happen? Better protect endangered species? Or give people with disabilities the ability to communicate in ways that weren't possible before?

At Google, we believe that we can contribute to questions like these, drawing on the scale of our products and services, and investment in AI research.

In this talk, I’ll give an overview of Google’s AI for Social Good program, discuss examples and techniques Google and others are using to apply AI research and engineering efforts to social, humanitarian, and environmental projects, and hope to inspire others to apply AI for good.

Carla Bromberg is the co-founder and Program Lead of AI for Social Good at Google. This program applies core Google research and engineering efforts to projects that help address some of the world’s greatest social, humanitarian and environmental challenges, and empowers the ecosystem with tools and resources through AI for Social Good initiatives, such as the $25M Google AI Impact Challenge. In addition to program managing the overall initiative, Carla's worked on many of the program’s engineering and research projects, including flood forecasting, famine prediction, and bioacoustics.

Carla has worked at Google for over 12 years. Prior to her current role, she was the program management lead across Google's company-wide engineering internal education, content development and documentation programs. Building strategic programs to help engineers learn about the latest technologies and best practices. Carla obtained a B.S. degree from Marymount Manhattan College, and was awarded the distinction of the MMC Crest, and a Gold Key award for academic excellence. Carla sits on the Business Advisory Board for Marymount Manhattan College.

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