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A 10X leap over NLP with Google BERT based NLU for Chatbots, Ad-hoc Analytics & Customer Service.

Businesses are using simple Natural Language Processing (NLP) in chatbots to improve customer service, in Q&A for BI, in sentiment analysis to monitor reputation, and more. With the recent release of Google BERT for NLU and full semantic understanding of what users are saying, a 10X improvement is expected in 2019 and 2020. Got It is the first company to bring Google BERT based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to commercial products from Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and Oracle successfully. We'll deep dive into examples and demos around BERT trained for "chat with data" on Google BigQuery with Salesforce and Google Analytics data, plus interactive Q&A for your needs. See the the real and quantitative difference between modern NLU vs simple NLP. And see how your company's own deep learning NLU training data set can be built and tested within a week to get you up and running ASAP.

Peter Relan is the founding investor and chairman of breakthrough companies, including Discord (300M users), Epic! (95% of US elementary schools) and (AI+Human Intelligence for Saas and Paas products). Formerly a Hewlett Packard Resident Fellow at Stanford University, and a senior Oracle executive, Peter is working with the Got It team on driving user and business productivity higher by 10X, applying Google BERT and transfer learning to real business databases with minimal training data sets, that allow users to program queries and analytics tools with no technical skills.

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